A combination of 2 words: financial domination. Financial domination is a very real fetish involving a submissive being “forced”<<Not true You can not force anyone to do anything it is their Free will, to give money to the Dominant. Terms like money slave, paypig, moneypig, walletslave, wallet rape are all part of the play involved in this type of Domination and submission.
Some men are very turned on by and seek out findom Mistresses and are aroused by the act of submitting so completely to a Dominant Female.
#fin domme #financial domination #paypig #wallet slave #money slave#paypiggy #money pig #human atm
I have been a FINDOM nearly A year in SL and it is a huge part of who Iam I do not sell my body or anything this is Not escorting or anything Like that. I provide a service its simple If you Judge me on this That is on you. Everyone has something that they do In RL SL ect
I own 5 subs I Have devoted my Time and Energy Putting Into them so much with in this Past Year Some would say I am a Blunt, but I don’t think that is a BAD thing I hold myself to a Higher regard I don’t take anyone’s S***. I am Opinionated I like what I like its That simple This is my Blog I will do what I like I will Blog what is within My style My taste.